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Donate to us to help us continue our fight against corruption. The cases that we choose to pursue are those considered difficult, against people or organizations with extensive resources, politically and socially embedded that can pervert or frustrate investigations or the course of justice. 

As an organization we have a successful track record in providing assistance for the building of prosecutions against the untouchables - the BallersNeprikasaemye or Rifa. Our success is the result of our experience and also our willingness to be able to finance investigations into cases that are otherwise considered to expensive or too difficult to pursue.

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The Joint Task Force for Anti & Counter Corruption Association (JTACC) is a registered non-profit in Texas with the Tax ID number: #83-2318101.


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JTACC does not presently hold 501c3 status and until such time any donations to JTACC are non-deductible. Learn more about our Donation Policies


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Our Financial Information and Dtatements are available on our website.


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