January 2015 – April 2020


(a) JTACC began as a foundation and was privately funded by the Directors from 2015 to 2018. In October 2018, JTACC was registered as a non-profit in Texas, USA. 

(b) From October 2018 to date (April 24th, 2020), any work done by JTACC has been on a volunteer basis by the Founders, Directors, and Advisors to the Board. 

(c) No expenses or any other financial compensation was paid to or claimed by the Founders, Directors, or Board Advisors during this period. 

(d) JTACC received no donations, sponsorship, or programmatic funding during this period – all activities and projects listed on our website, including support on anti and counter-corruption programs to Government, were performed voluntarily. 


April 2020 – Present


In April 2020, with the increase in the number of projects undertaken during 2019 and the appointment of new advisors and specialist consultants to the organization, we have decided to accept donations, corporate sponsorship and government funding as available to allow us to expand our mission. 

Our financials describing the use of donations and receipt of monies for our programs, sponsorship, or other income will be published here on our website.