Funding Goals

Our goal at inception was that JTACC function as a genuinely neutral organization, that through independence and neutrality, could serve as a mission orientated organization that could develop pragmatic and results orientated programs to combat corruption and transnational organized crime.

For five years, to prove our effectiveness and build relationships with Governments and Law Enforcement, we self-financed all of our programs. We volunteered our time to the organization's mission. With the expansion of programs, advisors, and consultants and our strong track record, we are, for the first time appealing for financial support to continue our support to pursue corruption and organized criminality around the world. 


2020-2021: Management & Administrative



Basic Compensation for Staff & Consultants

We have been able to attract top-tier talent as investigators, consultants, and advisors through our vision. Our work requires considerable commitment and time, as well as an expansion of 'on-the-ground' resources in countries where we work so that we can maintain through our embedded programs with Government. Our in-country programs place our team members inside the respective offices of an administration to provide continuous support.

Key Objectives

  • Basic compensation for 'advisors to the board' and individuals with staff-roles;
  • Establish and fill vital positions such as U.S. and European Fund-Raising Officers; 
  • Expand paid staff-positions for individuals working 'on-the-ground' in foreign theatres;



European Office

We had a significant amount of contact with EU and Nato agencies working on stabilization missions. Without a European presence, JTACC has never developed a strong relationship with the economic and social development programs that can assist us in our mission. We propose to open a European Branch of JTACC in 2020 to help us work more closely with European government agencies.

Key Objectives

  • Establish a European Office;
  • Role of the European Office will be to build relationships with EU and UK development agencies;
  • To expand awareness of JTACC's mission with the public and corporate donors to raise financing to expand our mission;



Corporate Social Responsibility Out-Reach

As an extension to our fund-raising and awareness objectives is establish a mechanism to promote JTACC as a recipient of corporate social responsibility (CSR) funding and to work closely with corporate sponsors to communicate our messages and successes.

Key Objectives

  • Develop relationships with companies to establish a CSR program;
  • Develop guidelines and protocols for "host an event" to facilitate CSR programs;
  • Develop guidelines for sponsors and corporate partners for their benefit with CSR programs
  • Conduct outreach to companies for CSR;


Software Development & Information Services

As an investigative and support organization, we are heavily reliant on data sourcing to help us build our cases and corroborate information provided to us by sources. We use a variety of technologies from API subscriptions to custom-built software to help us manage our cases. APIs are generally provided on a monthly subscription basis, and software development is performed with a mix of inside and outside resources. To service the increase in programs in 2020 and 2021, we're looking to make our information services and case management more efficient.


Key Objectives

  • Cover the cost of APIs and information services (data suppliers);
  • Cover the cost of bespoke software development for case-management;
  • Release bespoke tools once completed to the investigative community, <meta charset="utf-8" />I.E., to journalists, anti-corruption organizations and monitoring agencies;


2020-2021: Programs



Programs: Government Contracting - Corruption Investigation

Following our investigation into the breach of sanctions with the illegal-transfer of cargo destined for the U.S. mission in Iran, we have found numerous other instances of high-risk behavior by military logistics contractors providing life-support and essential services to the Department of Defense and U.S. State Department in other theatres. We are continuing to investigate these breaches of sanction law and U.S contracting requirements. 

Key Objectives

  • Expand investigations into corruption in U.S. Government Contracting to other countries;
    • Primary source interviews;
    • Completed report to be submitted to appropriate Law Enforcement & Government Authorities;



Programs: Counter-Threat Financing

Counter-threat financing, as subject matter experts and through the provision of investigative support to law enforcement, remains central to our mission and purpose. We completed several investigations into threat-financing networks and the companies that they use to launder funds used to finance their violent and subversive campaigns. As these projects relate to active criminal investigations, the outcomes of these projects are not documented or publicly reported on our website until they have concluded with any disclosures subject to approval by law enforcement and government partners. 

Key Objectives

  • Expand the number of active investigations into threat financing networks;
  • Expand combined, training, advisory and assistance programs for government partners;



Programs: Counter & Anti-Human Trafficking

Human-trafficking, whether slave labor or for sexual exploitation, is an abhorrent practice that proliferates the world over, with conflict zones and developing nations serving as the supplier of people for these horrific markets. We see criminality at the intersection of terrorist or insurgent movements, from narcotics, money laundering to human trafficking. In our objective to counter transnational organized crime and our extensive work in the MENA and AF-PAK regions, human trafficking has become an essential area of address for our work. We have held initial and productive conversations with Governments in conflict zones to develop mitigation strategies and to develop cases to pursue these trafficking networks internationally.


Key Objectives

  • Develop anti-human trafficking programs for government partners;
  • Provide liaison assistance between developing nations and international law enforcement;
  • Provide subject matter analysts, investigators and support staff to assist in investigations into human trafficking in conflict or austere environments;



Programs: Case Building - Assistance to the Vulnerable

We consistently find that cases from the vulnerable portions of society, whether that's human trafficking, slavery, or fraud, provide entry points to investigations into broader organized crime and corruption cases. In these cases where individuals are unable to afford legal representation or are neglected by law enforcement in their home countries, corruption can proliferate. We dedicate a significant amount of time to the investigation and support of these cases for criminal prosecution and civil hearings.

That these cases often help us unravel more extensive criminal networks is a secondary benefit to being able to ensure that the vulnerable in society who are often the targets of predatory organizations receive the support and recognition of the law that they are due.