Insitutional Development combines evaluations, training and technology to enhance the capabilities of a Government body to perform its duties.

Institutional Development

Institutional development is a vital practice for enhancing the capability for Government Institution to develop its capabilities. These programs are multi-disciplinary and often focused on the law-enforcement, procurement or judiciary branches of Government. We begin an institutional development program with an evaluation which determines the requirements for capability improvements and is followed by the development of procedures and practices, training and procurement. Through using this cycle for institutional development, we ensure that staff have the skills and equipment matched to their mission requirements.


Institutional Development

  • Institutional evaluation
  • Identify practices, skills and equipment required
  • Training program development and procurement plan
  • Implementation and post-performance evaluation

Afghanistan: Office of the Attorney General

In 2016 working with the Cooperation for Peace and Unity, JTACC carried out an evaluation of the sites and security personnel that protect the senior officials in the Office of the Attorney General. We provided key recommendations with a triage approach to address the critical requirements of the facilities and protective details.