Special Advisory to MoF on Anti & Counter Corruption

In 2015, we began advising H.E the Minister of Finance on anti and counter-corruption to assist the ministry in developing policies and a platform to address the widespread financial abuses taking place in society and government.

To support the MoF in developing strategies for anti-corruption for Government and to understand the impact of corruption and the challenges faced in the private sector, we interviewed key-figures in the Central Bank, the Banking Sector, and the Judiciary.

These interviews provided essential information and insight that assisted us in our work with the Oversight Coordination Body (OCB). We assisted in the representation of the Ministry of Finance and the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the international donor countries that provided financial support for the nation's budget.



  • Interviewed key institutions including Government (Central Bank) and the Private Sector, Bank Millie and New Kabul Bank;
    • Identified limiting factors (contract enforcement) that restricts the ability of banks to issue loans to stimulate private sector growth;
  • Interviewed the H.E Minister Hakimi and Senior Ministry Staff to understand the impact of financial corruption on GiroA;
  • Liaised with the International Community to understand their perception of the harm caused by corruption in the Afghanistan and the impact on their confidence as financial donors to Afghanistan's budget;



  • Developed the concept for the Afghanistan Financial Crimes and Commercial Courts;
  • Represented the MoF at the Oversight Coordination Body (OCB) meetings in Kabul (October 2015 - December 2015);
  • Authored the presentation for the January 2016 meeting at the Palace for the OCB for the diplomatic and military community;



Category: Advisory
Country: Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan Financial Crimes & Civil Court
  • Oversight Coordination Body
  • Policy and Strategic Advisory
Period: 2015 - 2016
Funding: Internal