Learn more about the Joint Task Force for Anti & Counter-Corruption and its mission, history, people and achievements

The Organization

Our Mission

  • To support governments and individuals impacted by corruption, transnational organised crime, criminality, and money-laundering through train, advise and assist programs for law enforcement and justice.
  • To support victims of criminality, corruption and injustice by helping them investigate and develop their cases, and work with the national criminal justice sector to ensure a successful criminal prosecution.


Who We Work For



We support and assist Government in combatting corruption, organized crime and transnational crime by:

  • Providing advisory and assistance to Government ministries and authorities to develop effective anti and counter-corruption strategies;
  • Design and implement methodologies for coordination between foreign jurisdictions for effective cooperation on money-laundering, transnational organized crime;
  • Advisory and assistance to law enforcement for case building against criminal networks and transnational organized crime;



We provide assistance to individuals and groups harmed by organized crime or corruption that are unable to adequately present their case to law enforcement or mount a legal defense: 

  • Assistance and guidance for their options for taking legal action (civil and criminal) against individuals or organizations that have caused them injury or are victims of corruption - I.E abuse of legal rights, slave labour, human trafficking, or unlawful theft of assets;


JTACC Key Traits

  • Neutral organization with high-levels of trust
  • Works with government and private sector
  • On-the-ground investigations including in high-risk or hostile zones
  • Experienced in working within the legal-systems of difficult territories
  • Experienced in working with the ‘client’ legal teams
  • Experienced in leveraging agreements between countries for cooperation
  • Experienced in drafting cooperative agreements
  • Experienced in cooperating with other non-government organizations
  • Reduces the time of proceedings by carrying out investigations and coordination of litigations
  • Combats criminal organizations that are capable of carrying-out acts of violence