Oversight Coordination Body

In 2015, we assisted the Ministry of Finance (MoF) with their duties in reporting to and presenting the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's position on economic policy (MoF) issues to the Oversight Coordination Body (OCB). We authored the presentation, "Governance, Compliance, and Enforcement," the Ministry of Finance's presentation to address concerns in the international and donor community on corruption, for the January 06th, 2016 OCB meeting; the final meeting before the pivotal "Warsaw Summit" held in Poland on July 08th, 2016.


Oversight Coordination Body

The OCB was formed from the 2012 Chicago Agreement, which renewed NATO’s firm commitment to a sovereign, secure and democratic Afghanistan.  The group provides broad oversight and guidance to the four main funding streams to improve security in Afghanistan: Law and Order Trust Fund, NATO Afghan National Army Trust Fund, Bilateral funding, and Afghan government funding.

The OCB is a venue for the international community to hear directly from senior Afghan government leadership, then return to their home countries with recommendations. These meetings also allow all partners to voice their concerns before an international audience.

Afghan officials use the OCB meetings as an opportunity to update the international community on the progress of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, as well as the progress and challenges related to corruption reform, improving security, financial sustainability, good governance, and gender participation.



  • Participation and representation of the Ministry of Finance in the OCB meetings in Kabul between October and December 2015;
  • Authoring of the Ministry of Finance's presentation for the international community at the final meeting of the OCB before the Warsaw Summit in Poland;



  • The "Governance, Compliance and Enforcement" presentation was received positively by the attendees at the 06th of January 2016 OCB meet;
  • Mr. S. Richards, JTACC Director, and author of the presentation was requested to meet with the Deputy Canadian Ambassador, Scot Slessor to discuss JTACC's transactional and social analysis of corruption in Afghanistatn;



Category: Advisory
Country: Afghanistan
  • Oversight Coordination Body
  • Presentation: Governance, Compliance & Enforcement
Period: 2015 - 2016
Funding: Internal