Projects & Programs: 2017 - 2018

In 2018, while we restructued JTACC as a non-profit, we reduced our number of active projects to focus on the prosecution of members of the transnational fraud-syndicate in East Africa.

Africa can be a complicated jurisdiction to work with, however, as we collaborated with international partners and sought advice from organizations such as Transparency International, we observed Kenya take significant steps forward in the prosecution of wealthy and politically connected individuals.


Report: H.E Farid Hamidi,
Investigation: Gold Fraud & Criminal Complaints (East Africa)
In 2018, having completed our investigation into an organized criminal syndicate that was accused of defrauding investors from across the globe, we learned that our report and criminal complaints in Kenya, disappeared after each submission. We liased with INTERPOL to ensure our report and complaint were filed, and appointed Lawer, Apollo Mboya to represent the case in Kenya. Mboya, a lawyer with formidable experience working with the UNDP, and on corruption cases, helped to bring the case in front of the Department of Public Prosecution.